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Q: “If we have the ability to reach a metaphysical existence, why do we incarnate into human beings in the first place? This is connected to why can we light travel in the first place; is that what we’re here to do, or is it an interesting peculiarity of humans?

I’ve heard about needing to clear densities, “repent” for past lives, and other explanations before. What are your thoughts?”
A: My favourite answer to your question is a bit of a story, but it is one that I love and suits my framework quite well:

Everything was created in the Universe by the Universe. The Universe loved all of it, but because the Universe had created it all from itself it was also everything. This meant that the Universe was not able to experience itself because there was no separation from itself. Thus the Universe decided to separate a portion from itself so that it would have the ability to experience all aspects of the Universe. That act created our souls, and all souls. Our souls then began to experience the Universe, and the Universe was able to experience all there was in its creations. Our souls travelled, lived, spoke, felt. We went everywhere and we still do – we are here, we were aliens, we were in hell, and we were in heaven. We experienced alternate realities and dimensions.
Our soul is always craving the wholeness of ‘home’, always trying to get home, often forgetting that we are here to experience, to grow, to love. By accepting and allowing that process we connect more fully to our ‘home’ which is all around us. That is how we reflect our love back to the Universe. That is how we become one with it.
Each one comes into life, into Being, with a specific purpose or intent of what they would to experience in this life, of what we would like to gift to the Universe. At the same time we use our experiences to connect deeper to our own soul and to allow our soul to come out more beautifully and to facilitate that in others. By connecting to our Soul we are the Universe, we are “enlightened”, we are “ascending”, we are One. It’s a beautiful circle of perfection.Perhaps that is why we are always trying so hard to connect – our soul birth was an act of separation and therefore we feel it so deeply as a whole?

What do you think?