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sugilite_rough2This is a wonderful, beautifully coloured purple gemstone that is silica based. This crystal is more often used by those who are metaphysically inclined, though it makes a beautiful piece of jewellery as well.

Resonating most wit the third eye chakra this is a gemstone that will open up your senses and allow dreams to become vivid if you have them or start them if you don’t.

As with all personal work for best results you want to combine techniques for best results. Use sugilite to kick start your dreaming, and record your dreams daily. Keep the sugilite beneath your head when you sleep. He can also be used to enhance astral projection for some. This crystal will allow certain messages to be received, heard, and kept by the dreamer.

When set in silver this crystal is amplified in its work.

Speaking to the Deva, she tells us that she has often brought visions forth and that there are many times she’s been ignored. The she stops working with the person.

Sugilite is able to draw the crown energy into the third eye removing the blockages or imbalances that may be there. When meditated with it moves stagnant energy in the etheric body where it is near placed. This crystal loves the sunlight, but be careful to him too much sun – he may loose some of his shine. An ideal meditation with sugilite would be to place a piece on the third eye with selenite and rose quartz in each hand. Tigers eye at the fee and lie down outside, on grass. This creates a grounded connection of love. Allow yourself to fall asleep if it comes.

This beautiful crystal is definitely fun to work with so enjoy experimenting!