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bloodstonesroughWe welcome you

To the reign of truth

As time beats by

Bloodstone sits still

More than all ages

Old wisdom hidden

On-lookers disbelief

As they are caught distraught

In falsities, lies, illusions

Some accept this wisdom

To grow and vibrate cleaner

But others resist and attack

Truth-teller does not judge

He simply comes to let

All illusions to fly away

So all we will see

Is our Truth and Light.

Bloodstone is a powerful stone, a crystal ally if you wish. He helps to unveil an illusions you may have, or others in the vicinity of his energy. Because of this he is good to have on you when engaging in conversations you “need answers” from.

This stone is a deep green with red dots. It was said at one time that bloodstone was created during the war of the Gods and from their spilled blood formed this crystal.

This is an excellent crystal to learn and use in times when discernment is needed for any situation. He does not like to be fooled and will bring insight and wisdom to any situation you sit and about while holding him.

Bloodstone works with the heart and root connecting them with the third eye via intuition. When Bloodstone gives insight it is very heart centred and will serve the highest good of all involved, not ego.

Meditating with bloodstone daily will begin the process of integrating or dismantling the ego if you intend it to. It is highly recommended you allow the space and time you need for this process – daily meditations might not be the best for each person as dismantling the ego can bring up a lot at times.

Bloodstone loves to sit close to people in general, so it is best to keep him in a space that has more people around, say in a dish on a coffee table in the living room. He likes to adventure and explore other places so do not be surprised if he transitions to other temporary homes.