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It can seem like a flaky thing to get a card reading to some. Truly, it is not as flaky as it seems. Card readings can be sources of great clarity and insight for a person if the connection between the reader and readee is right.

Readings can look into any area of your life. They are not just limited to relationships, or the spiritual, or your health. They can look at your finances, your career, your gifts. Literally, anything can be read with a confident reader.

You can be as vague as you want “Tell me whatever the cards say!” or “ I’m not sure what I want to know.” That type of intent for the reading will allow you to receive the information or guidance that serves you most at that particular time.

When you are more specific, say, you have a topic, but there is a lot you want to know about it, or there are several paths you can choose from it is easy to create a spread that looks into each option. What will each option bring into your life? Example: ‘I can go steady with Joe or Tom or I can just move to Hawaii and see how that goes.’ Or “ I’m not sure if I want to travel or if I want to stay here and get a job for the summer.”

Then you can be specific. So specific there is no question of what you want to know. Example: ‘I want to know where my relationship with Todd is going. Will we get married and have kids?’

Here are the reasons I feel that most people come to see me in my work, and what I feel they often get out of it.

Reason 1: To receive confirmation of your intuition.

Card readings are so much more than getting your future told. They often tell you what you already know, what you may have lost sight if because your mind has become busy working out the situation.

Reason 2: To gain insight on your future and your current life path.

This can be invaluable information that can tell you where your easiest, most harmonious and joyful future is. A reading can clarify where you are going, and give you suggestions if you want to go in a different direction.

Reason 3: To gain an outside perspective from someone that has no ties to you or your life.

Sometimes we get so lost in our thoughts, feelings or both that we get focused in a really small part of what is actually going on. When you visit a card reader most often you are meeting a stranger who doesn’t know anything about you and can see the big picture and give you new perspectives.

Reason 4: To receive what you most need to hear at the time to move forward.

Sometimes we get stuck. In life, in our heads, in our emotions and we don’t know what we can do to move forward. A reading can often give you something to chew on, something to think about that may be what gets you moving and out of that rut.

Reason 5: To hear what the universe and your intuition is trying to say to you.

Sometimes we get lost in the loops of our mind, and though we’ve heard what our intuition is saying we can no longer identify what is our intuition, our mind, other people, or whatever. We’ve thought so much about something there is no differentiation between what is our truth or another truth. Card readings often bring forth what you already know, the intuitive stuff that is your truth even though you may not be able to recognize it or put words to until another person does.

Reason 6: To gain further understanding about what is happening in your life.

Sometimes life gives us experiences or we find ourselves in situations that leave us scratching our heads. It can sometimes be helpful to go to a card reader or psychic to gain further understanding about what is going on. Often psychics have a different framework and way of being in the world that includes energy patterns, past lives, karmic ties, soul contracts and other such ideas. Sometimes the insight you will receive will be something like “ah, yes, this was a past karma that was being released” or “You have certain things that need to be learned from this person before this relationship will end” and so on.

Reason 7: And last but not least, for fun! And curiosity.

Who has not wondered about their future? Or what might happen to them? Karma, destiny, are these things true? Readings can be done just to see what a reader might get for you. They can be done just to see what happens. Enjoy it. Ask about all the things you’ve ever wondered about. You might be surprised what comes up.

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Serafina Christine is a creative free spirited cyclist and mystic who has committed to Follow Her Bliss (and figuring out how to do that and get paid). She is the creator of Willows Lavender, where she specializes in readings and gemstone therapy, including gemstone elixirs.