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Hello all,

My blog schedule has definitely been off kilter the past couple of weeks. I decided to change my blog schedule to Tuesdays and Fridays, and then I moved, auditioned for Dragons Den, ran an Open House for Healers, and did a healing circle all in one week. Nonetheless, I was super busy and I’m still recovering. But what I have for you is an article written by one of my friends, Faeri, on the Feminine. I thought it was timely to learn about the feminine, and hopefully the masculine this month as V-day is coming up. I do hope you enjoy this guest post.

What is the Feminine? 

We hear the word feminine thrown around a lot these days. Over the years it has accumulated much baggage and extra meaning behind it. I’m writing this to hopefully clear up some mis-conceptions around the word and shed some new light upon how we can connect with feminine energy.

Everything has either a positive or negative charge. In the smallest atom there is a charge. With this view, there is no negative association to words being either type of charge. As both types of energies are required to make the world function.  Neither is better than the other they’re both just the energies of life.  This is the framework that the feminine and the masculine exist within.

Feminine is creation, expression and movement, flow. Feminine is love and light. It is another aspect of life.  Masculine is simply the guiding consciousness, the deep awareness that brings direction to the flow of the waters, the waters being the feminine. Neither is good nor bad, both are required, both are two sides of the same coin and to assume that one is better than the other is simply missing the point.They are balance and they are inherently needed for each of the other and neither can exist without the other. Just as energy cannot be created nor destroyed feminine cannot exist without the masculine and vice versa.

The thought that one can be of balanced and whole in both masculine and feminine energies within one’s self all of the time and have a sublime life experience is unfortunately a common misconception. If you are to imagine to magnets of opposite polarities at a distance pulling towards each other, that is how the feminine and masculine dynamic works: we need these opposing forces. Yet as such, it is that we are taught to believe to be whole, in the same we were taught to be following growing consumerism as bliss and yes we do get a sense of strange surreal fulfillment but our hearts do not sing as bliss in those moments.

This is not to say that we are entirely of one side of the other, everyone is a mix of both polarities. Being aware of which one you are in each moment is key, and allowing yourself to play in them, moving about to one side or the other feeling which one causes you the most sense of peace and bliss. As well finding in intimate relationships where your heart truly wants to be on the masculine side or the feminine side. This will help to keep the magnetism in the relationship. Be aware that masculine and feminine are not associated with gender at all. This is also a misconception.

Any being can be feminine, it is the energies of radiance, beauty, grace, love and light. A feminine person gets moved by stories of love, love triumphing over evil, or un-love. The fairy tale that twists and turns as two star crossed lovers go through every toil to be by each-other’s side. The feminine is brought alive by movement, by music, by life and variety.  Put on some really good music and a person with a feminine core will be unable to stop themselves from dancing. Or decadent desserts and delicious food. All of these things call to the feminine and bring it a sense of life and connection to the divine. Bring a feminine being a truly delicious concoction and allow them to feel into it with all of their being as they eat it. They will move and writhe and moan with the pure bliss of eating such a creation.

To a feminine being wearing a different set of shoes can mean the difference in feeling like a divine spark of radiant light, or another obligated dreary day. Clothing texture and shade call out, allowing different emotions and feelings to be expressed just through what is being worn. A feminine being can also feel all of this from others. They can feel those whom are having a bad day, their heart moves and their wisdom comes though in knowing just how to move and speak to soothe and cause the heart opening of those they feel. This is the gift of the feminine.

To be open as love, the divine love that they truly are in their deep core, and offer this gift to the world, and being this open being of love in service to others to bring them deeper into their open into true bliss. This can be a movement, a gesture, a kind word. Sometimes not even a single thing needs to be done beyond a smile and this opens someone into the feeling of the divine love that the feminine bring brings.

To practice being open as this love is a constant thing. Breathe as if your perfect lover were at your side in all moments. Move as though you were divine love moving to open the hearts of all those whom exist in the world. Practice breathing in and out love, sending it out with your eyes and heart. Moving as your soul is compelled feeling into those around you as to what motions will allow them to feel the divine in this very moment. To the feminine the best meditation is done with movement. It connects them to the divine, their bodies, and the love that they are. Dance with the intention to connect and be the divine love that courses through your every fiber of your being as a gift to all.

Written by Faeri Sierra Choquette

You can find more information about Faeri at her Facebook Page Faery Essences. Currently she is an artist, a dancer, a teacher of feminine meditation, and does Akashic Record consultations.