This is the first blog post of the thirty day blog challenge I am doing with Natalie Sission (the link is at the end of this post).

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

Ah, total and complete freedom! What I desire for!

This is what I would do: First, I would wake up and laugh for joy and bliss. Then I would make an amazing smoothie packed with cacao and coconut water and other wonderful things. Next on my list would be do yoga, and then pack my bags, and fly somewhere warm, where I would rent a house on the beach and by a forest.

There I would wake up the next morning and do yoga on the beach. I would eat all organic foods freshly picked from the garden. I would study Raw Food and Vegan Cooking so that I can make the best food possible, and write my book in the afternoons. In the evenings I would socialize with amazing, enlightening, intelligent people from the neighborhood. I would take the occasional day off to go surfing, horseback riding, exploring, and travel. My door would be open to anyone wanting any of my services as a card reader or psychic.

I would also enrol in classes to begin studying all the things I’d love to learn! Things like NLP, Hypnotherapy, Permaculture Raw Foodism, Piano, and more.

I would be the eccentric quiet mystic writer in the beach house, happily writing, hanging out with good people. Each day I would further release the attachments that keep me from my true nature. Each day I would further create the life that I wish to live, and be of service to others in all ways the opportunities come, especially with my readings, intuitive counselling, and crystal work.

Then, in a few years, after I’ve found my mate in life, I would build a house with him. The house would be made out of all natural materials, and we would design it with a plan in mind for the children that we will have. It will be a beautiful nature warm weather place, and we will grow much of our own food there using the permaculture principles I’ve studied.

Thats what I would do at this moment! Thanks for reading!

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