What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

Today the topic was about when you should start your online business. Seeing as I already have, and it has not yet lifted sky high in the past two years, I’m desiring to take it to the next level. I want to make this business work fully online. I want to be able to travel the world, finding a new place to be and live for three to six months at a time, and run my business from wherever I am. I want to be able to write and know that I have income coming in, while I do all the things that I love and desire. As my parents would agree with, I’ve been talking about this since I found lifestyle design blogs when I was around sixteen. Since that point in time, I’ve desired to make a life doing and being exactly how I want, and that is not working Monday to Friday 9-5 or even working forty hours a week.

I simply find that is too much time taken away from doing those things that I love, since the things that I love are generally more creative and unique than what most people get paid for doing.

So that’s what freedom in business means to me: being able to live wherever I want for however long I want and still be able to run my business from anywhere on the world. To earn enough money to not have to worry about my expenses or costs. I’m aiming at $3,000 a month consistently as my first major milestone (each hundred that comes in is a milestone for me right now though). I’m also witnessing inside of myself much more patience than I’ve had in the past. I used to expect that my business would just take off, and it hasn’t. I’ve put a lot of work into it, but have I put a lot of work into the right things?

Over the summer too I realized that all my business needs to create an income is money, capital for me to invest, so I can get what I need to promote my services and products: pay my website guy something for donating such a beautiful site and letting me pay him when I earn some income from the website. Pay someone to help me advertise as thats a weak point for me. Pay something to help me write the content on the website so it sells, as I can write stories, and channel things, but writing to sell? Not so much a strength of mine. Some of it I can learn, and I have tried. I just realized that its a lot more time consuming to learn it, when if I have capital, it would go a lot faster to selling my business, making some income, recycling it, allowing me to work on the things that will make my business big. Like right now, I’m writing up a 30 Day Intuition Challenge, inspired by this 30 Day Blogging Challenge. The Intuition Challenge is a 30 day program meant to teach about what is intuition, what your intuitive strengths are, how to develop and work with it, and then at the end rate your intuition to see how much its shifted in just 30 days.

I am off topic. Freedom means I would get to work on what I love every day without concerns about paying rent, fees to people who can help me get to where I want to go, and can gift to people freely as I choose. I love to be able to support the people around me in their dreams too.

Adventure in life is simply living it in the way that I desire: to be free to travel when and where I choose with a level of comfort and being grounded in one or two places over a few months. Knowing where I’m going to be, or at least knowing I can rent a place for a chunk of time, and feeling like I can unpack my bags because I’ll be around for a while without worrying.

I suppose that’s another key thing about freedom for me: To live a life without worry. That would be a wonderful feeling. I can see that a burden would lift off of me if I didn’t have to worry about paying everything.

Anyways, I’m heading out now. This is where a lot of my thoughts have been lately, so its a big topic for me.


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