I had a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training intensive this weekend, so I didn’t get anything beyond that done (it was 4 hours on Friday, 12 hours on Saturday, and 7 hours on Sunday). I was quite tired, so I’m going to be working on the blog posts today and tomorrow to get caught up.

Here we go!


Day Four: What is your definition of location independence?

My definition of location independence is being able to choose to work wherever I am in the world. That means that if I decide, or am guided to go to Mexico for a month, I can pack up my business and myself and head there without loosing income. It means that everything I need to do can be done online in some way shape or form.

It means having a space to ground out in if I choose (take a longer trip in one place) with the opportunity to explore that region and culture. I can learn new languages, new ways of being, and meet many new people.It means being able to stay out from under florescent lights that give me headaches and being out in nature more whenever I choose.

It means being able to act with my creativity each day instead of sequestering it to just a small portion of my day. Being able to write, paint, dance as I feel inspired too, while also getting all things things I desire to complete in a day done. The though of that makes my heart happy, very, very happy.

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