Wow, There is so much coming up about commitment in my life right now. Its all about being committed towards getting anywhere that you do. I’ve learned a lot about commitment this past year. From December of 2012 to June 2013 I was writing the first novel I’ve ever wrote. It took me six months of writing almost every day for around four hours. I still haven’t edited it because in July I received insights into another novel that I’m now fascinated with and am writing.

It is a challenge though to create the space and the time to always write and stay committed to my other practices. Often it is the writing that slides off to the side as life takes over, but I’m feeling more and more like writing is my lifeline. Its a lot more for me because its something that I love and a way that I can express myself with ease and grace, a place where I can spill my insights of myself and humans without fears, judgements, or anything. Simply it is what it is.

40 Day Yoga Challenge

I also did my first 40 day yoga challenge this year over the summer as crazy as it got. Sometimes I’d be doing my hour long practice at 2 in the morning before bed, other times it would be super early, sometimes in the middle of the day. Three weeks in I really began to understand why people do yoga everyday, the same routine everyday. It does something, effects you somehow. I’m not sure how to explain what happened, but just generally overall I felt a hundred times better about myself, and that I was able to handle the day with much more ease and grace.

Now I’m in Vancouver, in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, where commitment to the practice is number one. Another 40 Day Yoga Challenge is to start today, as part of my yoga homework. Here is what Yogi Bhajan says about happiness and commitment:

“The known formula for happiness is:

Commitment will give you character.

That will give you dignity.

That will give you divinity.

That will give you grace.

That will give you the power to sacrifice.

Then you’ll feel achieved and you will be happy.”


I was feeling pretty good about myself and seeing my writing make progress when I first arrived here and went to the library everyday for a few hours and would write around five pages each day. However, I have not been doing that consistently because I have allowed myself to be distracted by other things. But I would like to. I would like to begin doing a similar routine that I had going on for a bit in the summer: Wake up, yoga, eat, write, friends.

It will take a lot right now, and part of me is thinking that doing Sadhana might be the perfect way to implement this routine and still feel like I have a lot of time in the day to do the things that I feel I need to do like find a source of income.

“Give me an uneducated person full of persistence, and I will make them a success. Give me a well-educated person without that strength to overcome challenges, and I will give them back to you and look for someone else.” – Jake Ducey

What are my three priorities for the next 30 days that will move me closer towards living life on my own terms?

My three priorities for the next thirty days are going to be what I am already am doing I feel. I just feel the need to get more organized so I have a bit of a routine going on and its easier to stick to my priorities:

1. Daily Yoga

2. Daily Writing

3. Find a source of steady income, aka a job. As much as I resist it feels that it is needed.

Blog Challenge