Morning Practice

I wake up and lie on the King Size bed for a moment, stretching out my body and rubbing my eyes, recalling last nights dreams. I roll over and take my dream book from the night stand, a beautiful hard covered journal with a purple pen stuck inside of it, and record all that I can remember. When I’m done I put it back down and say good morning to my love, still in bed maybe, or perhaps he’s already up and about. The sun shining is beckoning me to leave the warm bed, and I do, opening up the windows to the suns beams. Outside is a view of the ocean, but I know that the forest is behind us.

I go into the kitchen and make a small smoothie in my Vitamix and grab a large glass of water before heading into my yoga practice. The kitchen is large and filled with all sorts of organic goodies: kombucha is being made, a long with sauerkraut and other fermenting foods in one cupboard. Herbs hang along the backsplash of the counter, drying for varying uses, and several tonics are on the counter waiting to be used. Some fresh fruits and veggies have already been picked from the garden late last night, and they are in the sink waiting to be washed for lunch. I eat a small sweet grape tomato and smile as the flavor fills my mouth with goodness.

I open up the balcony doors to the deck, grabbing my yoga mat on the way out. I follow the path through the gardens to a medium sized wood platform with blooming vines growing up the cedar posts holding the semi-roof up. The sun is coming through the slats and leaves making a dappled shadow for me to do yoga in. I am wearing my favorite white bamboo pants and matching top, and now I tie up my hair in a white scarf to help with the flow of my energy during my practice. I spread out my mat, organize my drinks and things, and facing the alter I tune in and begin.

After spending the morning in yoga and meditation it is time for lunch and I am hungry! I walk back to the house, picking what veggies and flowers I can to create a lunch with. I enter the kitchen and see that my love is already preparing food, or at least thinking about it. We create a meal together, and enjoy the sunshine at the beach for a while before we both head off on our respective distances. For me it is time to begin taking clients, if any, and to begin writing. Often I write, but occasionally I have a client. My writing is often done in my office with the walls covered in papers with research about the current book I’m working on – by this time I’ve written several published and well received books. I write in the office when I need to, but I have a laptop as well that I bring around to the beach just as often, or on rainy days, in the kitchen’s comfy bay window where tea is not far.


The clients I work with tend to be long term clients. We work together in spiritual and intuitive counseling sessions which draw together all of my skills. I also often offer readings for people. And four times a week I teach Kundalini Yoga to the community by donation. The clients I work with one on one are long-term, and seriously interested in their own evolution. They outgrow me frequently, which creates a sense of fulfillment inside of myself to see someone become fulfilled or more realized, than when I met them. I take all walks and all types of people with a serious commitment to their growth, to their commitment to release all that doesn’t work for them, and with open minds. Often my sessions are done outside on the beach or deck, other time inside the healing room my partner and I share. Ideally I would work four or five hours seriously, with two hours being writing at minimum.

Dinner is a friendly affair, often with our friends and neighbors stopping by. The evenings are left open to do whatever it is that we desire – dancing, hanging out with friends, continuing to work on projects we are doing, going out on dates.

Taking time off is something that happens often for retreats into the woods, or travels to other places that inspire us.

The house is scattered with crystals, healing tools and beautiful artwork. The house is made from all natural materials, and is one hundred percent eco-friendly. We built it custom for ourselves and our family that we plan to have when we feel ready. For now this is what we do.

How can I create more of these days in my life?

Well, I feel that I can create more of these days in my life right now by doing my yoga practice each day in the morning, and getting back into that routine that I had going during the summer.

I feel that its important for me to continue writing everyday in order to make the reality happen of me being a published author with residual income coming in through my books, and to complete my yoga teacher training so I can teach it. I feel like I’m taking various steps to move forward into creating that lifestyle that I desire right now. I guess this would be what I can do each day to create more of these perfect days:

1. Do yoga each morning. No Matter What.

2. Write everyday. No Matter What.

3. Complete Yoga Teacher Training.

4. Keep learning, keep advertising, keep growing, keep connecting.

5. Create a sustainable income that doesn’t require me to be in any particular location to live so I can live with the beach on one side of me and the forest on the other side of me in warm weather. πŸ™‚


I really like all that I’ve been learning in this blog challenge. So far I’ve learned how to do Trackbacks, and I love the resources for creating pictures, and the tips on writing the blog. I feel I’m really learning a lot and I’m enjoying it immensely, even though I’m a bit behind. πŸ™‚

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