Hello! After a day off at the blog challenge, which allowed me some more time to work on my evolving Facebook page for Willows Lavender, and to do some research to help complete my website I am back and ready. The blog challenge is now heading into “How to Build an Online Business”, which I am super excited about! Its right up my alley and in alignment with what I am wanting to learn right now. I’ve already learned so much in this challenge! By the way, does anyone know if I’m doing the track backs correctly? I’m not sure how to check. Lol.

Today’s question from Natalie is “Whose online business do you admire most and why?”. The second part of the question is what are two things you could do right now that would get you closer to having a similar business?

There are a few different people that I admire for different reasons. I’m just going to list a few in no particular order, why I admire them and where you can find them.

Danielle LaPorte – Danielle LaPorte is the author of the Desire Map, a book that is sold on her website (soon to be in book stores!!!) that I have yet to read. I know, I know, how can I be such a big fan of her if I haven’t read her work? I’ve been wanting to read the Desire Map, on her website its sold with worksheets, and all sorts of downloads in order for you to maximize your work with the book, and maximize your potential in your life. I have yet to manifest the funds for her work, but I’ve been watching her pages for the last two years, and I love her concept. She works with a lot of gratitude, and shifting your life based on your perceptions and encourages people to take full responsibility for themselves and their life. She does her best to empower people. I love that her personality is so alive, and that she shares simple human things: I’m grateful for my sisters. I feel that she is heart centered and really putting her heart into what she does which inspires me. I want to learn more! I want to read her creation of the Desire Map, and use it in my own life! I love that part of all her book sales are going to charity. I love how I perceive the way that she does business. I love the way she writes.

Two Things: I can practice writing from my heart. I can put a portion of my income to a charity or some other awesome project that is going to help save the world!

Gala Darling – I love Gala Darling because she is a blogger with style. Big style. She is not afraid to be fully herself on her blog, and she will swear up and down. She has a bit of a harshness, but she is all about the radical self love and she has actually spoken on the topic at a TED talk! She travels around teaching others how to blog, and it always looks like a lot of fun with bloggers-in-training receiving awesome goodie bags. Gala Darling is fearless, radical, and an inspiration to me in being that fearless and radically myself. I love her style and the photos.

Two Things: I can continue to practice and go deeper with radical self-love. I can be fearless in sharing my style and who I am in all that I do.

Another person that I follow adventures on is of course, Natalie Sission of the Suitcase Entrepreneur, who is running this blog challenge! I enjoy her because I feel like the information on her blog is true, and not exaggerated. I’ve always been so curious as to how she built up her website and business, which is part of the reason why I’m so excited to be part of this challenge and learning from her! I am inspired by her lifestyle, and by knowing that it truly is possible to do what she is doing. I have my own niche, now its just learning how to do the business part effectively and wisely. She is honest, straight forward, having adventures, and finding balance in her life, similar to what I would like to be doing. I feel like she genuinely loves what she is doing, and loves to help people do what they love to do.

Two Things: I can create a business that aims to create that lifestyle, and I can practice finding balance between work and adventure in my day to day life.

And finally, an inspiration and great resource is Pat Flynn, of SmartPassiveIncome. His transparency and utmost dedication to providing valuable information people to empower them with their own income and lives is amazing. I follow him off and on, sometimes getting overwhelmed by the amount of information that is on the website.

Two Things: I can always ensure that transparency is there. And I can always ensure that I’m providing value without holding back anything in all that I do.

There are probably others that I follow that I admire for one reason or another, but those are the major people. I also follow my friends Brendan Schmidt – Cultivating Consciousness who is helping me with my Facebook page for Willows Lavender right now, and so many others who do not have an online presence in just their character and way of being in this world. I am learning so much from them as well. There is way too many too list. But know it Friends! I love you and I am learning from you with so much gratitude for you being in my life you amazing beings!

I feel like many of the two things I’m already practicing and I’m getting better at all of them. Somethings are just goals that I have for all that I do: be transparent and honest, be my authentic self as much as I can, practice self love, creating a lifestyle where I can travel and have a sustainable income.

There is so much to learn from all of you! Love you!

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