Here I am sitting in the downtown Vancouver Library. I’ve had a day. Technological challenges have beset my phone, which I realized, feels like my lifeline to communicate with the world, and it quite often is even if the service is restricted to text only right now. My netbook is an interesting creature of its own; I’m fairly certain it is on its last days and very happy that most of my activities on it are restricted to listening to music as I write. Oh Mercury Retrograde and electromagnetic fields!

I am excited every day for the blog challenge to come through and give me another question, more knowledge and insights, and a push further toward my goals. It feels like slowly my dreams are coming true, and that my choosing to stay here in Vancouver, something I never thought I’d do again, is lighting the path on fire for me. Most things are moving along with an ease and grace that has been missing from my life, especially in relation to income making activities.

I want to change that word: income. It has so many connotations to it. I also want to change the word work. I want to refer to my income and outcome as gifts, and to my work as play.

In today’s blog challenge, Natalie suggested writing out a one page business plan if I really want to get serious about what is happening and making the reality of my dreams come true. So I took the time to do that. I have to rewrite it all out nice and pretty so I can easily and continuously refer to it. I’m also going to send it to my business coach and receive his feedback on it, plus the homework he gave me over a month ago. I gotta get on that!!

Here is the question for the day:

What are the key ways in which you want to make money online in your chosen business OR Which are the key online revenue streams you want to focus on in your existing business?

My business already exists: Willow’s Lavender, if you haven’t checked it out already. It’s a bit of a mess because I have been putting what money I can into it for the last two years, and others have generously donated their own time and money into it wherever they can. Its a conglomeration of all the efforts I’ve made for the last few years as I lived below the poverty line and did all that I could to move it forward. It was also helped along by what I now recognize as the youthful fire of belief that no matter what this business will take off, and support me.

What are the key ways in which I want to make money online?

The key ways would be affiliate marketing (hello Desire Map!) and by providing services and products that solve a problem. I want to stay away from having ads on my website and blogs, and from any hardcore selling.

I already have some plans for how to make this happen!

Part of it is taking this blog challenge to really get focused and help feel like I know what I’m doing and maybe by the end even somewhat actually know what I’m doing!

I’m also being inspired and writing down my inspirations as well as responding to requests and ideas the people around me have. In the works (just business-wise!) I have:
– my first ebook!
– 30 day intuitive challenge
– an online version of several classes
– gemstone elixir new packaging
– gemstone elixir product groupings
– gemstone elixir refocus on what it was originally intended to do: provide the ability to use rare and expensive gemstones at a low cost.
– rewriting my website
– learning how to navigate and update the technical parts of my website

It’s a lot, I know. I’m ticking them off one by one, as best I can. I am not allowing myself to get overwhelmed, and when I do have compassion. I am working hard at creating that which I desire to create, and I now understand that it takes time. I simply need to devote the time that I have to the activity that I’m focusing on and let it be created.

One by one! Baby step by baby step! All will be implemented in good timing! 🙂

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