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I’m feeling very overwhelmed with what is happening on my Facebook page, as well as just in my life right now. My phone is officially not working properly for probably the next two weeks as I sort out an American phone in Canada – not an easy matter. I have a lot of uses for the phone right now, so it is a challenge I’m trying to look at as just a challenge and that’s all there is to it. The words of Yogi Bhajan come to mind:

“If a person has a neutral, sensitive mind, when he must experience a bad time, he can sit down and say, “Oh God! Wonderful! What do you want? A bad time? I don’t care.” That person will communicate, talk and feel the challenge is fun. He’s not upset. He knows this night will pass, and there will be a warm day. He knows he will have a lot of fun, so he preserves his energy for that time. He keeps himself centered, whole and together. When the time changes so he can expand, he applies all his energy. He enjoys it all the way… An important part of Kundalini Yoga is to develop the Neutral Mind and its capacity for intelligence, endurance, and integrity.”

I keep trying to come back to the neutral mind while honoring what emotions are coming up for me. I wasn’t expecting to have such a reaction to what is happening, however, I am, and now I’m working with it: releasing the insecurities and fears that are coming up, plus feeling overwhelmed at what I’ve taken on in the past few days – not expecting it to be so big on Facebook!

So before I head off to do the readings that are so huge right now in my life, here is the question for the day:

Which business model is best for you and what one revenue stream is most feasible?

Yesterday, while I was at the library, I took the time to write out a rough draft of the one page business plan Natalie offered so I feel I have a good handle on this question today. For my business model I have a mix of residual income and active income. I would like to eventually get to the point where the residual income is more than the active income so that it becomes more of a choice with whom and how I work, and what I choose to work on.

The business model that is most feasible for me right now is Active, and it is currently what I am doing a lot of. I am working towards making a sustainable and livable income on active income right now, and in my spare time I am developing ebooks, and online courses that will create the residual income that I desire. I have two ebooks planned already and they are both mini ebooks and will be free just ’cause they are awesome! And super useful to those of you interested in superheros and crystals. Bwahahaha! I also have a 30 day intuitive challenge I’m writing right now…

There is just simply put: A lot that I am working on right now that was going on a fine pace until I offered free card readings on my Facebook page and now all the time I would’ve used writing is going to readings… Perhaps it will slow down soon.. Perhaps not… Either way. I need to work on my time management skills a bit more I think right now! :p

I’m contemplating typing up my one page business plan and putting it up here to help keep track of what I’m doing. I don’t know. What do you think?

Love you all lots, onto the readings!

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