Today’s blog challenge is on a topic I’ve really needed help on! Making my website successful in the sense that people purchase items, converting into customers, and add themselves onto a mailing list (I have yet to send out, I’m sure that it will be covered inside this blog challenge). On average there are about 250 people who have been coming to my website the last few months, and not one person has purchased anything. I’m a bit confused about it, ’cause that’sย  a lot of people!

So today’s topic on the Key to Building a Website that Doesn’t Break the Bank was super relevant to me. Natalie listed five things that are essential for your website to be successful, and well… My website has only two out of the five. The are:

1. An effective design with a header/banner that tells people exactly what you do.
– I have a beautiful website, graciously loaned to me by my Website guy, who will be paid when the website starts making money as per our agreement and his generousity. The thing is that my header/banner thing doesn’t tell anyone about what I do. It just says “Willow’s Lavender”. I’m going to add some words to the banner thing. Maybe “Online Home of Serafina Christine, Oracle & Crystal Priestess” so I kind of match my Facebook page? Or maybe “Your gemstone oracle’s online home!”… What do you think?

2. A clear call to action – such as click here for a free consultation, join my community, get your free ebook.
– I had an ebook I’m sure I wrote, I remember writing, that was going to be the “sign up here for the mailing list and receive your free ebook on how to care for your crystals!”. I’ve been looking for it on my laptop and apparently its gone MIA. I don’t even have a newsletter signup list though. I am going to see if I can add it as soon as possible.

3. Lots of white space – so as not to overload people.
– I have lots of purple space. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Summary of your USP.
– I have a summary of who I am & what is offered on the website, but its a challenge to read. I already have notes to increase how large that post is so people can easily read it when they arrive at the home page.

5. Contact Page.
– YES! I have this!!

As you can see, I have a lot of work to do. It all seems pretty easy though. Lots to learn! I’d like to be able to do most this myself, so I’m going to see if I can, otherwise I’m going to have to email Mr. Nathan Website guy for some help.

I got caught up on readings yesterday, which felt really good. I have a few more that popped up overnight, but no where near the number that it was before!

Well, its time to get to work! *crossing fingers I find that ebook I wrote!*


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