Today I’ve come to know myself a bit better. I was going to go to bed before doing this blog post today however I really wanted to get out here what I have learned about myself in the past day or so. Its all interrelated as all of life is.

1) It is extremely important for me that my job is location independent. 

I’ve been contemplating that term for the past few days, thanks to this blog challenge, and have come to know that one of the reasons that I feel working a regular 9-5 job doesn’t work for me. I’ve known this for a long time, but I didn’t know what the reasons were behind it. It is because I feel like I am being underpaid for what I am worth most often, and that I feel a lack of control over my schedule.

I want to be able to do the things that are most important to me, and part of that is having a schedule and an income that offers me flexibility. Some weeks I will be desiring and inspired to work fifty hours a week. Then I’ll desire to be in a retreat for two weeks. Then I’ll desire to go to France and work twenty hours a week.

You see, I’m not adverse to hard work. It makes sense to me to work hard on what aligns with the path of the soul and the heart than work at something that doesn’t align. Spending forty hours a week on something that doesn’t align feels very wrong to me, because your work is your livelihood. It is your legacy. It is what you devote your life to.

If I’m going to devote my life to something its going to be what I carry in my heart.

2) I find myself in a routine for about a week and I feel really good but then something happens – someone sleeps over, I sleep over at some else’s house, etc. and my routine dissipates. It takes me a few days to get back to routine.

I suppose this is a balancing act of knowing when to relax on the routine and when to keep it going. It is about not allowing myself to be distracted by the world around me. When I know that my routine is going to be disrupted it would be wise to do a more than usual amount of work beforehand so I don’t feel as disrupted in my flow of energies the day my routine is changed.

I admire Natalie for keeping a routine that works for her travelling around the world! It’s amazing!

3) It feels really important to me to find an income/capital to invest heavily into my business. 

My business and I can and will be successful and will financially support me while serving and empowering others to the best of my ability. I realized this summer that the only reason that I have yet to see a feasible income is because of the lack of capital as of yet to invest into my business. I realize that finding and creating these funds will be of a great help to create a sustainable income for myself.

Natalie wrote in a previous blog post about how when someone wants to be location independent right away one must learn a skill that can be used no matter where they are around the world: copywriting, seo, wordpress. They use that skill to create an income while travelling and working on their own venture. It creates a beautiful give and take of energies that are in alignment.

I decided, after not receiving the job I was hoping to get here in Vancouver, that since being location independent is so important to me as well as doing something that aligns with what I love to do, that I would apply to be an online psychic. Oooooo, the connotations that phrase has! But it is in alignment with what I love to do. And it can pay well.

My experiences with Supreme Psychic before the summer began was not positive, so I have applied at Oranum which was referred to me by a psychic I met in Mt. Shasta this summer. She has been earning her living online for the past year and a half on this website. I’m hoping to do the interview this week so I can begin as soon as possible.

Now we can get to the question today! 

We listened to the podcast with Natalie and Jaime Tardy of the Eventual Millionaire. This was my first venture into the world of Podcasts and I ended up with a few on my phone…

The two habits that millionaires tend to have are: 

1) They always keep the ball rolling, they are always moving in continuous motion no matter what is happening. They go to work everyday with their lunch. Its a commitment to action to make happen what they desire.

2) They don’t let their excuses get in their way. Everyone has excuses, its just a matter of listening to them or not.

What are two key ways you could use the habits of a millionaire to monetize your blog in the next month?

Well, I feel that I have the above two habits. I have been consistently persisting because I believe in what I do and that I can and will figure it out. And it is gradually coming together, more and more the longer I work with it and myself.

I feel that most important for me right now is to make a plan of action and devote a certain amount of time each day to making sure that steps are taken to facilitate the reality of that plan each day. I have tons of ideas to create that I feel will move me forward to an income from my own business. It goes back to a persistent and committed routine for me right now as I create the foundation of the life that I want.

Jaime mentioned that most millionaires worked their butts off for the first little while to accomplish what they have done. She said that she worked 70 hours a week while she pregnant to help facilitate what she has accomplished! That’s crazy! But it shows too, that hard work is the norm for millionaires.

I feel one can relax when the foundation has been laid though.

I’m feeling a little bit scattered with everything I’ve been writing, the ideas that have been flowing into my mind, the lack of the routine of my yoga and manifestation activites. I’m planning on changing all of that tomorrow.

Here’s the routine I tend to fall into most naturally, when left to my own devices: 
Wake up
Do yoga and meditations
Eat breakfast
Do readings (if any) and write
Eat lunch
Relax or write
– flow into what needs to be done –

With that, I conclude today’s post. I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

Lotsa love!


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