Oh dear. Oh dear me.

Natalie posted right in the blog post my excuses and blatantly informed me they are excuses! Part of me wants to go hide under a rock and say “No! They are true!”.

But you know, we all want to do that when we are called out on our excuses. When we are they make them pretty much null and avoid. We can’t keep operating with them (well we can but it seems pretty idiotic to continue).

Its okay though. I’m just getting my plan of action in order right now for my business. I do need to hire someone; I’ve known that I need to hire people for a long time because it would just cut down so much on the time I spend doing things that aren’t really that important.

Nor enjoyable to me.

Be prepared people. My business is gonna fly when it gets its solid team under it.

Maybe I’ll have time to read books again. And write my novel series!

Today’s question: How will you build a team around your vision and work smart instead of hard?

Hm. Good question.

I contemplated it and I am going to implement two strategies that Natalie has mentioned:

– Build a vision in some format and share it with the team. Include where I am heading, the mission of the company, and what we want to be doing.

– Create the organizational chart, and fill it with the right people that I need. Delegate! Create a job description for each part of the team and hire accordingly.

I’m going to do more research into this when I am ready to hire. And because I have excuses that I can continue to use until the sun explodes and our days turn black I’m going to go one step further:

I set the goal that I will hire the first person for my team, probably a VA, within six months from now. That is by April 2014.

Sounds doable.

P.S. I’ve decided to become debt free this year.

P.P.S. I’m ecstatic to announce that there is a new laptop being shipped to me right now! This laptop is going to be a crazy step up from the tiny netbook I’ve been using that takes five minutes to load a webpage. I’ve actually timed how long it takes to open up the Open Office document that is my novel, and its ten minutes to open office plus two minutes to load. Yay! Now I can do EASILY my youtube videos, blogging, and everything else! So stoked!!

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