Today’s topic is all about creating a tribe. You create a tribe by being human.

I’ve read a lot of books on this topic and what I’ve discovered, which is basically what Natalie says, is just be yourself and network with people. Don’t network in the ugly way, network in the community driven “I want to support you in your success” kind of way.

The way that comes from the purest intentions from the heart, not the way that this person might be a sale.

Maybe that’s why network marketing doesn’t work out for a lot of people: they are thinking that they can use it to make money without realizing that the heart has to be in it.

People are not sales. People are humans. I hate sales. I love humans.

This summer as I travelled through the festival circuit and connected with SO MANY amazing people my perceptions changed a lot. I learned a lot. The way I want to do business has changed. The way that I interact with the world shifted.

I also witnessed how as I released the need to “sell” people on my services, people began to request them more and more. The more they know me and of me, the more they request them.

The larger the network and groups of people that know me the more that my services are purchased.

Lets face it. Most people, if they receive a card reading on a regular basis, will only receive one per year. Even if they are my regular customers that’s a lot of people to create a sustainable living income for myself with just readings.

That’s part of the reason I want to expand on it into other realms: products. Services. Other creative ways that have residual income.

This feels like I’ve gone off on a tangent, so I’ll get back to the question of the day. Oh! I realized today while reading the Natalie’s blog post that if I had a VA it would help free up so much time that I could use to read the blogs that I love reading and following but find myself just never getting to!

It was an exciting thought.

Here is the question of the day: What three steps can you take to build trust and credibility online for you, your brand and your business?

Step One: Create a strong presence on my Facebook and Youtube Channel. Be consistent. Develop a system to be consistent.

Step Two: Write my blog posts! That’s why I have a blog! Be consistent in writing a blog post and growing the database of content of useful and valuable information for people who come to visit.

Step Three: Be honest. Always be honest.

Oh! And guess what! Instead of Nanowrimo, I’m participating in NaBloPoMo – the blog version of Nanowrimo. I’m pretty excited. Its in alignment for what I’m already doing and will give me extra motivation to continue posting daily on my blogs when this blog challenge is complete.

This challenge is really focused on community too, so I’m excited to meet other fellow bloggers. YAY!

Blog Challenge

NaBloPoMo November 2013