I really want to go to bed. Right now.

But after doing my nightly meditations I found myself feeling re-energized and inspired to do today’s blog post, after all, I just committed yesterday to NaBloPoMo.

Now tiredness is sinking into my bones, my body falling into the couch, as my internet connection fades in and out and I sip a cup of Strawberry Cream tea from the Vancouver Tea Festival I worked hard at today.

So let’s get on this today!

What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you build your business?

Today’s topic was on affiliates. I’ve known about affiliate marketing for a long time. I recall my dad building his business when I was around fourteen, so that’s almost ten years ago. He was building it online and one of the things he had me to do to help him out was send emails to people with whom we could become affiliates for.

He explained the concept to me, and it was wonderfully intriguing.

I’ve just not felt inspired in the blogosphere or online to really market other people. But I’ve found myself doing that naturally more and more. I suppose as a person grows into womanhood or manhood these things change: I want to promote others, I want to see others succeed, and when I really love the product or what they are doing, I want to support them. Somehow.

Thoughts have also floated through my mind at various times this past year about offering some sort of affiliate or referral program for my clients. Most of my business, if not all of it, is referral based. People come to me because they have friends that tell them how awesome my services are. Thank you so much to all of you who do!

I would love, love, love to pay these wonderful souls back somehow!

I’ve thought of offering it to so many of my friends; I’m just not sure how I would set it up or keep track of it. So I’m very happy with today’s information. It’s given me valuable insights (as all the blog days have), offered tools and much to contemplate.

I feel like when this is complete its going to be really valuable for me to go back through all my notes and create a plan of action to ensure that I implement all that I’ve learned.

Back to the question: What does your dream sales team look like and how will you ensure they help you build your business?

I thought maybe I was oversimplifying my answer, but when I checked out other blogs that posted for today, I realized that I already answered the question.

My sales team will be made up of my rockin’ and awesome customers, who are dynamic, outgoing and believe in me. In turn I will support them in whatever way I can, and figure out a referral program for them to receive some form of something (probably cash).

Glad I wrote today.

Good night. ❤

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