Day 19 here. Yeah! Still going strong!

It usually takes me a couple of hours to do the challenge because I like to go through most of the resources listed in the blog post and at the end of the challenge.

Today’s post included sponsorships, media, and how to create influence. All things that are scary, but not so scary at the same time for me.

I took a small business class on creating a PR kit that showed how easy it can be when you know what you are doing last year which lessened the scary factor of the media for me.

Now its just finding the story and creating the PR kit around the story from what I can tell.

Here is today’s question: Which methods do you want to use to build your platform and increase your influence?

I really want to do sponsorships. I like the idea from what I understand about them thus far, and was really happy to learn about them more in depth today.

I also want to use a combination of being a mediaprenuer and a leading learner. I feel like I can do both – one on this blog and one on my business blog over time.

I feel that as I become more practised and more consistent, influence will definitely grow over time.

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