Yesterday was a day off and a recap of the thirty day challenge. We are now on Day 21! Yay!

I’ve learned so much and I’m feeling like I have an action plan that is forming to help create my dreams into reality. I have certainly been blessed in many ways I see, even when I’m crying or feeling like the world is hopeless. I see more and more how perfect each moment of each day of my life is and has been.

There couldn’t be any more perfection. Each time I freak out, crying, I feel myself shedding things that aren’t serving me, and I come out feeling a sense of activation.

It’s a really interesting place to be in: Sucked into the human emotions, micro world, feeling like that is all there is, this stress, this overwhelm. After and before being more in the macro world and seeing the perfection. With practice I’ll be able to see the perfection and be in macro consciousness when my human self is experiencing the depth of pain, anxiety, and overwhelm and more.

This is a side tangent. Onwards, to the blog challenge for today: If you chose to live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

You know, I don’t know the answer to this question. I know what my ideal place would be; I just don’t know where it is located – or when I’ll be called to live there.

My ideal place would be an island. It would be small population-wise. It would have beaches all around and huge trees, preferably Old Growth, all over the island. I would live in a house with a wood stove and heated floors. The beach would be on one side of the house while the forest would be on the other side of the house. A huge garden would be on the land.

I know that weather-wise it would be very sunny, and it would be warm. Perhaps BC West Coast warm, or even warmer would be okay.

I laugh because the Gulf Islands are pretty close to my ideal. I do love the quietude of the islands, especially Cortes. I love the business yet still in nature of Salt Spring. I would like to be somewhere like those places but warmer and sunnier!

I would prefer to live somewhere like Cortes because the costs of living are less, which is wonderful. It tends to be a spiritual hub thanks to Hollyhock. The forest tends to fold you in with love. When I was there, I loved being away from all of the energy of the cities – when I landed in Victoria after being on Cortes I felt like I was walking through sludge because there was so much going on psychically.

I feel those are some of the things I look for in my ideal place. Like I say, the only thing I would change about that place is how much sun and rain it gets!

I will live there or somewhere like it in the future, and that’s one of the reasons why I want to create a location independent job for myself doing what I love: work on a small island like that tends to be limited. I would like to have a sustainable income so that I can enjoy the island life to is fullest and branch out to learn other areas of interest to me: preserving foods, herbalism, sewing, etc.

It will happen. Slowly but surely. 🙂

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