roadToday’s challenge was a discussion starter on if you and the nomadic lifestyle is are a good fit for each other. Natalie listed four qualities:

– A vision for business and life you will fight for

– The ability to spend time alone and enjoy your own company

– An independent nature and the strength of character to deal with daily challenges

– An open mind and sense of compassion for others

The question for today: What’s your level of location independence and your nomadic quotient?

I feel that I have all of these qualities. I do know from my travel experiences that I prefer to have a steady space for around three months at a time. I find that with this length of time I have enough time to get grounded, to begin a routine where I am able to accomplish my goals, and that I am able to explore the place & people that I visit.

This summer when I was often in a place for a few days to a week at a time I often felt I was just getting relaxed and able to focus when I was off again elsewhere! This next summer I would like to find a home base for a month at a time, as I want to go back to Winnipeg to complete my Counselling Diploma, but I also desire to be in California for part of the summer.

I also want to travel with my own vehicle next time I’m in Cali. I feel it would make things a bit easier.

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