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Today’s post was a list of tools that Natalie use on her travels. The question today is: What travel tools and services are most important to you when taking your business abroad?

Having highspeed internet is super important as well as a properly working unlocked phone. That way when I travel I am able to use that phone in any country with a new SIM card. This feels to be especially important because if I want to stay in a country for around three months at a time I’m not going to be wanting to consistently buy a new phone.

I really like her suggestions of using VisaHQ, a company that helps you fill out visa paperwork requirements for a fee. I will definitely be using them.

Another suggestion hers that will make my mom very happy is the use of World Nomads Travel Insurance. Yay for good travel insurance that doesn’t cost a fortune!

That’s all I’ve got for you today!

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