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featherToday is Day 29 of the Blog Challenge. Yay me! Almost complete! I’ve learned a lot and I am super appreciative of this challenge. It’s going to feel strange stepping into the world without this blog challenge to keep me posting every day about something. Like a new born babe learning to walk again in the world of blogging.

We will see what happens.

The challenge today is to write about the following points: 

What does living the dream REALLY look like to you? What does your blueprint for living the dream look like to you?

  • What do you want in your life beyond all certainty?
  • What’s a non-negotiable you are not prepared to give up for anything else?
  • What don’t you mind forsaking in return for having more of something else?

Natalie spoke of her desires changing of what she wanted to do as she travelled the world for the last three years. I have to say that after about 4 months of consistent travel backpacking around the states, and more than a few years of moving once every six months at least, I’ve learned that there are a few things that I truly desire.

One: A homebase. Somewhere. Anywhere. I want a place that I can come back to when I need to that I can just relax into. A place where all my favorite foods are easy to access, where healthcare is easy to receive, where consistent internet connection is, where good friends and family are.

Two: A much higher income than what I am used to. This is what I feel I am learning how to generate with my time here in Vancouver. It’s time to shift it. Big time. So I can go on to the next level of my life and so that I can truly serve all Beings.

Three: Freedom. The ability to be able to leave and come to a destination as desired. I don’t care if it looks like getting a cab and going to an airport, or my own vehicle, or whatever. But I want to have that feeling of empowerment, that feeling that I am not just on a whimsical path floating to where I need to go, despite the fact that I will always follow my dream guidance. I want to be more empowered in my travels.


Access to vegetables. Lots of vegetables. And good weather. 😉

Travelling around the world always has trade-offs. No matter where you go you are trading something for something else, and I feel that its always best to look at the options as I travel and weigh it out then. I’m always trading things off to see if its worth it to pursue that latest desire in trade for something else.

Like now, I’ve traded Island life (oh how I miss you!) for living in Vancouver so I can participate in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training easier. And the Universe has created opportunities here to work through all my stuff surrounding money so I can really and truly live the life I desire.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat does the blueprint of living the dream really mean to you? 

For me, ultimately, its all about freedom. That’s it. This whole thing, the way that I choose to live my life is about giving my soul the greatest amount of freedom I possibly can.

What Freedom Looks Like to Me

Freedom to me looks like living the lifestyle I desire, and being able to fund the things I desire to do.

Freedom means being able to go wherever I desire and please whenever.

Freedom means being able to fully express myself on all levels as desired: from the clothes that I wear, to the phone that I own, to the notebooks I write in, to the way I decorate my home, to the way that I eat.

It means complete freedom of choice to say yes or no to any given opportunity.

It means never having to feel my wings tied, my heart sunk, a box around me.

It means never hearing or thinking the words “should”, “can’t” and “impossible”

I still have a long way to go to getting there, to this definition of freedom, however, I feel that I am getting there. Slowly but surely.

It requires a consistent shift on all levels and there is one major belief system I am now shifting that I feel has been a major cause of abundance challenges for me: The Prince Charming Complex. The idea that someone else is going to come swooping in and fix everything for me.

I keep reminding myself since realizing this, when I find thoughts related to this, “Girl, you are your Prince Charming. You are your superhero. And you are your Savoir. This is all you. And guess what happens when you really embody this, when you really make it to where you want to go because you empowered yourself?”

This post went into a tangent, lol, but I hope you enjoy it anyways! When I figure out the Prince Charming Complex more I’m going to publish a post on it ’cause I feel that its super important and when I googled “how to release the prince charming complex?” and variations of said question, I got nothing. Any suggestions out there, folks?

And I guess when the blog challenge closes its time to get my hands even dirtier with freedom creation, eh? I got projects up my yin yang and a job that I can do while I write so here’s to crossing fingers.

And finally, but not least…


…One of the MOST Powerful life lessons I’ve learned is this:

Each breath experienced in life is where the action is, the feeling of moving forward, the feeling of ecstasy and bliss, the feelings of anxiety and depression. The breath is where we experience what we have created. There is a pause between breaths, between movements and emotions in the flow of our lives. This pause often looks like there is nothing happening, but there is plenty happening deep below the surface. In these places, in between the breaths, I’ve learned to be okay with them, and to utilize them to push myself into a more positive, uplifted breath the next time life exhales.

Capitalize on life’s inhales and exhales by being in the moment with them, by letting that energy absorb you, wrap around you and become you. This energy, this movement, will pass more gracefully the moment we become it only to immediately release it. Then we enter into the space between the breath and here we utilize this break from the wave of life by letting ourselves relax into what our life’s purpose and dreams are. Sometimes this looks like a vacation to Hawaii, but often it is a pause to catch our breath, refocus, and before we know it, life has exhaled.

This cycle follows the moon – new moon setting intentions and full moon releasing – but it also follows larger cycles – seasonal, yearly, every seven years, every thirty years. The more that we honor each cycle, the cycles within cycles, the breaths within the pauses of the larger breaths, we find that we flow into a purity and grace with life.

This is the life we were meant to live.

This is the life that we were meant to be.

This is the life.

This is.

Just as I am.

– End –

Blog Challenge

NaBloPoMo November 2013