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Yay! Thank you Natalie! I loved learning from you in this blog challenge! And I learned so much!

Now the blog challenge is over. It is complete. I’m going to feel a little lost I think headin’ out into the blogging world with no daily prompts helping me out. Yeah, I’ve been blogging for a while. If you’ve known me for a few years you will know that blogging has been a big interest of mine.

But I want to convert it from a hobby to a paid gig.

I guess the next steps would be to create a plan of action and implement it! Then I won’t feel so lost in the mornings because I can wake up and know what I have to do!

The things that I need to work on most are the following: 

  • Consistent Posts
  • Connecting with other bloggers
  • Monetizing all my websites (how can I get 250 visitors on a website a month and not receive a single order on Willows Lavender?)

My Action plan consists of:

  • Writing three months worth of blog posts on my two other blogs –Priority 1
  • Writing two more ebooks (one paid, one free) – Priority 4
  • Writing and planning the 30 day intuitive challenge – Priority 2
  • Doing the abundance meditations I’ve been gifted each morning – Absolute Must
  • Writing my novel & editing the first novel
  • Read 2 blog posts that I receive in my email & comment on 3 posts a week to  connect with other bloggers – Priority 3
  • Learn the ropes and begin guest posting
  • Invest in Business Coaching – Priority 5 – as soon as funds become available!1

I can tell you that I will be writing as I feel inspired, despite the priority sequence. Just know that I’m inspired to get all of the above writing down, preferably as soon as possible.

Hmm… I think that’s a good starting plan. As you can tell I do what I’m good at and love, and kinda go from there…

Perhaps I can call in a mentor? Know anyone who has a succeeding online business that can be location independent? Preferably an author or writer of some sort?

Taking leave for now, as I get all my thoughts organized, plan of action written down, and feel into my true next steps.

Love you all! Thank you for your support while in this blog challenge! ❤