Apparently I didn’t have to worry about what I would do next! Yesterday as I began to clear up my tabs in my browser, which I collect throughout the week and usually clear up in a big chunk once a week and minimum, I somehow discovered an overwhelming amount of information.

All of that somehow led me to enrol myself in two more challenges! There is one for Social Media that is ten days with Natalie Sisson of The Suitcase Entrepreneur. And there is the 30 Day Challenge to Build Your Email List with Nathalie Lussier from Nathalie Lussier Media.

Social Media Challenge Question: What are three ways you can improve your current social media strategy today?

I feel that I’ve been already improving it the past month, especially on my Facebook page. I like Facebook, I’m familiar with it, its easy for me to use.

I feel that I can get better with my gemstone elixir posts – every Friday I was putting up a gemstone elixir. I want to give value, not just sell it, so I’ve been experimenting with the information that is posted with it.

I also need to add the why’s to “Join me on Facebook!”. Why?

Also I’m no going to lie. Most of today’s post was based out of a podcast and I find podcasts very challenging to listen to.

30 Day Challenge: What is your goal?

My goal is simply to learn how to increase my list and manage it in an easy and effective way, and really understand what content to put in it. That’s where I always balk “What do I put in the newsletter!?”.

My goal is 100 new subscribers in this month. 

Email list seems very selly to me. Kind of gross in a car salesman kind of way. I hope that will change for me through the challenge as I might not be very effective on writing a newsletter for the list if I don’t feel good about it.

I love the story that Callen Rush tells about when she approached her mentor not sure if the work that she was doing was spiritual enough. He said that life is a huge smorgasbord, and each person brings a dish unique to them. If they don’t bring their dish to the table someone on the other side doesn’t get to eat. They can only eat the dish you bring. If you believe in what you do it is your dharma and your service to share your dish with the world.