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I had Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training this weekend, so I didn’t have a chance to complete my challenges for the last few days. Both of them are asking for similar things though!

I’m a bit concerned about the List Building Challenge. I want to put a “Join my Mailing List” sign up form on my business website, WillowsLavender.com however, I’m not sure how. I emailed the website guy to ask how, and haven’t heard back so I might just do it. Somehow. Following instructions on the internet. Somewhere. Lol. ‘Cause I want to keep going with the challenge.

I’m also feeling its really important to get these things going asap as I’m feeling the tightness of timing here…

Some of the 30 Day List Building Challenge doesn’t require me to answer a question, while other days do. First question:

Who do you have to be to have an email list of 100, 1000, 10 000, or 100 000 people? 

My answer: I have to let my light shine authentically in group. I tend to become quiet in group scenarios, though it is different when I am leading them. I find it challenging in groups to make statements of “hey, that doesn’t feel good to me” and boundary setting no matter if I’m in the group or leading them. I also wrote down that I would have better time management skills (which I’m learning right now how to do with so many projects on the go), and I would also be working with a team. Can’t wait to hire a team! That will be fun with the right people! 🙂

Both challenges had the same question: Who is your ideal client, and which social media sites should you be focusing on and why? 

I really liked what Nathalie Lussier (of the 30 Day Challenge) says about this question as I’ve consistently had challenges answering who my ideal client is. Think of who your customers are and who you were a few years ago. I also decided to write about the people who I resonate with and who seem to resonate with me.

The typical people are, and hence client, don’t own TVs, like nature, are interested in alternative modalities. They are spiritually inclined, interested in yoga, meditation, healing, energy work, intuition. They like to eat organic as much as possible and are frequently but not always vegetarian. They like to travel, have adventures, continually learn, and to read.

I’m better at the psycho-graphics (Yay! New word! Values of your ideal clients) than the demographics. I would say demographically my clients are mostly female, ages 20-45, earning over $25,000 a year.

For Social Media Platforms I feel that my main focus should be on Facebook and YouTube. I feel this because those are the two sites that I am on the most. I end up conversing and staying in touch with people on Facebook the most, but watch videos and listen to thing on YouTube often.

I feel that its similar when I look at the clients that I have. I feel they use other social media outlets as well, but its more like djs use soundcloud, partiers use twitter. It gets more segmented beyond Facebook and YouTube is what I could say.

How are you using Facebook to build your brand and business?

I was coached last month by a good friend of mine how to use Facebook and build my brand and business on Facebook. My page has increased by around 70 Likes in that TimeFrame. I am consistently posting once or twice daily, and offer at random times free single card readings for all those that respond to the post. I feel that it is currently working out very well, though I need to work into my promotional plan a call to action at some point. Lol.

How are you using YouTube to create powerful videos and gain more subscribers, fans and new business?

I am not right now! However, I just updated my YouTube channel with some of the information in the resource section of today’s social media blog challenge. I have lacked on consistency in the past due to technology issues that I’ve been manifesting solutions to. I was planning on recording my first video at the end of this month and making a video plan for the next few months.

I discovered with  my first YouTube attempt that I actually really enjoy being on video. It’s fun! Especially when the Channel opens up and takes over. 🙂

That’s all I have for today! Have a great day folks!