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roseI skipped a few days in the challenge as they pertained to using social media outlets I prefer not to use at this moment in time often like twitter and linked in.

Day 9: How will you build a blog with purpose that you can also profit from?

With Willows Lavender its really about getting my name out there and known. I’ve seen how in offline life its all about the connections that I make with people that propel my business forward. It’s really amazing.

Guest blogging as Willows Lavender will be huge, and consistently posting will be huge too. Doing the crystal forecasts again will be another huge thing that I can do to seriously market myself and Willow’s Lavender.

I’ve created an editorial calender that I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks. The editorial calender has really allowed me to identify what I want written and how it will flow. I’ve been able to write a few posts in advance which makes me feel good and confident that I can keep up with the posts that I am doing.

Spiral Times is much more my personal blog so it doesn’t get the same amount of attention that my other blogs get right now, but I hope to change that as I turn this one into a blog that inspires people to be superheroes. 😉

That’s my plan anyways, in the future.

Day 10: How are you measuring and tracking your social media efforts online?

I downloaded Natalie’s Editorial Calender and realized that I’ve only been focused for the last couple of years on half of what makes a profitable blog profitable. I’ve been so focused on the writing and ensuring that I have content that I forgot about guest blogging and really optimizing the blog based on numbers.

Actually I never really thought of it that way…

Thank God for learning!

I was wondering what an editorial calender looked like. You can download your own from Natalies website here. It’s under Chapter 8. It’s the real deal.

I’m realizing how much work goes into making a blog a business. And I have two right now that I want to get going. Oi Boi.

As one of my good friends says to me frequently: “You have to prioritize. You have way too many projects going on right now. Prioritize!”.

Yes sir! Yes sir. Indeed I do.

Plan of action: Fill out the editorial calender for both the blogs I would like to monetize and make a business out of. Then do it. And keep track of results. No matter how busy I get.

That huge realization completes the Ten Day Social Media Challenge at the Suitcase Entrepreneur for me.