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letyourselfbesilentlydrawnHere I am, the life of a gypsy, sitting in yet another Starbucks in yet another part of the wonderful city of Vancouver, typing away yet again.

This month was blessed with a move from the last place I stayed at, a job to secure some basic income until I gain a liveable income from my writing and business endeavours and a lot of steady wisdom clarified. I’m feeling a lot of movement right now and am just doing my best to hold on.

I moved into an amazing community house that is providing me with healing that I wasn’t aware that I needed. The healing is coming from being in a space where I feel nurtured and loved. I always forget how wonderful it feels to be nurtured and when it does happen it seems to bring tears to my eyes for the world gains some colour I had forgotten about.

I’m living in the living room right now as I save income from the part time nanny job I have begun to work. I’m hoping to find a flow of being able to pay my rent, phone, transit pass, and food and savings and investing into my business that will work for me the first six months of this year. I’ve already spent some Christmas money on my first purchase of advertising on another person’s blog and I’m feeling pretty rich with that purchase even if its small.

I’ve finally purchased some advertising!

I’ve also been slowly figuring out my blogs, mailchimp, and getting the mailing stuff fixed. There are a few more things to touch up for Willows Lavender that I always forget about until I look at it.

I’ve been really focused since the first of the month on Yoga, moving, meditating, and just really living life.

I’m really glad that I pre-wrote a few blog posts for my other endeavours because I would not have been able to keep up with them had I not. Lol. I feel guided to do the best that I can, and I feel myself holding on for dear life! Sometimes I find it challenging to keep up with the people around me because I’ve only got so much time and there are so many things to do.

But I have begun to say no to projects. No more projects! I will need a vacation in a few months for sure, so its time to start winding down what I’m saying yes to, especially because I want more time to focus on my writing projects of which I have twelve, yes, twelve, on my list of projects. Many are small, but some are ongoing like the three blogs, and a new monthly feature in a small magazine starting in March. Oh sigh!

I also feel that my business will be supporting me with a liveable income within the year if I just keep doing what I’m doing. For the moment as we cross between karmas and destiny life gets crazy until we stop living both and just live one: Destiny.

whereveryouareI sigh with love. I sigh with growth. It’s good to be busy because when I take time off I really take time off. Today, I went to the forest. My phone was off. I didn’t take anything with me. It was just me, the trees, and God. We had a good long conversation for about the hour I trekked until I got too cold physically. Internally the fire was burning strong and my heart is shifting.

The Indiegogo Campaign has gone amazing and been a success in my eyes. I’m definitely going to the Tucson Gem Show, for which I’m super stoked for. Flights were donated to me on top of the $1500 raised for funds for the show. Amazed. I’m so amazed and feeling so blessed by all the support that has come in. I’ve cried in gratitude so many times since my birthday it’s been amazing.

I’m also currently doing two hours of meditations a day. It’s one of the reasons I’m finding it so challenging to keep up with everything that I do in a day because a good chunk of my day is spent meditating now. An hour and a half of the meditations are self-imposed because of the 90 day and 120 challenges I’ve chosen to do, and a personal practice. Plus we have the yoga homework from class each month. I find myself actually enjoying all of it though. Kirtan Kriya is no longer the meditation from Hell. Lol.

The meditations are intense personal growth work though, and there is a lot of stuff that comes up on a daily basis. My awareness is getting stronger of not only external things that are happening but of the internal things that are coming up from me. I do my best not to project any part of myself on another, for what is internal is simply my stuff.

I’m going on another round of healing the sugar addiction I have. Today is my last day of processed sugar. Tomorrow it begins.

Just wanted to post an update here before I head into “work” ~ writing for Mystic Yogini and Willows Lavender. I want to make sure they are all set for the next month or two as I’m going to be a gypsy for just a few months longer max!

Then, perhaps, I will have my own room to relax into and build an alter in and expand. And hopefully paint dark purple!