Today I met a fellow Priestess. I did not know she was a Priestess but it became clear once we began speaking who she was. We were effortlessly transported to another world despite being surrounded by twenty or so other women.

She mentioned the great cleansing happening on the planet right now, which I have received visions about. She began to speak about those willing to undergo the transformation required and that very few people on the planet would be willing to undergo it – something I’ve also seen in visions.

I don’t like to think or know or hold these visions as true. But they come sometimes. And they don’t shake me or make me fearful. It is written, that is all, like a great book open for all to see.

She’s done a lot of work in this lifetime. Now she is here, and I will see her often I am sure. She is here to share her wisdom.

I told her of the vision I hold, and she told me I was in the wrong place to make that vision. Perhaps this is the place to gain the skills to make the vision. Draw the vision.

“Your vision is about transformation. If I were you I would go to a place that is also about transformation because that is where you will find the money to make the vision into reality. Very few people are ready to transform ~ Where do those few people live?”

Good question. Where do people who are truly ready to transform live? I feel more alive in San Francisco but to be honest its the people I hang out with there with more than anything. In San Francisco I meet people and I feel activated, challenged and stimulated.

The people in BC seem to be content without undergoing the arduous path of ascension, which requires hard work and discipline and deep honesty with yourself. The land naturally elevates people here, but that hard work is still required to move through our limits as human beings.

I am not perfect, and by far do I have a lot of work to do with myself, but I can tell you that there are few people I know who are willing to dedicate themselves to an hour or two of a spiritual practice that includes self-inquiry and self-examination. When I meet those people they feel solid, and our conversations expand my mind and soul, and bring more insight into my life.

That is the depth of connection I wish to have with more people in my life – expansion, depth, fluidity, mentally and spiritually challenging. Exploration.

That is what I get when I visit my friends in the states. As I sit here in BC I feel my mind start to soften due to lack of exercise and mental stimulation. I am a smart human being, and it is my responsibility to keep my mind in shape, it is challenging to do so when I have so much focus on survival skills.