I had a dream last night that seems relevant to yesterday’s post:

I am at a good friends house with several people. I have a craving for cheese pizza. I don’t know where to get this pizza. I walk to one end of the apartment and see the sandy gold beach and blue water. I walk to the other end of the apartment and beyond a grassy field is the beach and more water. I wonder how to get out of here so I can get to the cheese pizza.

I walk down a hallway and run into my good friend who jokes around about the pizza and declines receiving any. She asks me about the man she’s flirting with. As I walk away I say, “Ask yourself what the karma is and how you can clear it.”

I walk down the hall which turns to glass on both sides, beach on both sides until the right hand side turns to city. I take the elevator down and enter the city. It’s a city I’m unfamiliar with, but it has the red of the Golden Gate Bridge impresioned on me, like I’m walking between those red steel beams in search of the cheese pizza though I’m not sure where I’ll find it.

Then I’m following a camera down the west coast. We are flying high, following the coast line down, and a narrator says something like, “And the girl went as far South-West as she could go.”

I don’t remember where it landed, just the land was gold in the dream. ~