About Me

Serafina, is a name derived from the gemstone Seraphanite, a dark green stone with strokes of silver that look like an Angels wing.  The stone comes from Lake Bakal in Russia. Its metaphysical association is that it offers direct communication with the Angels.

Many people hear Serafina and think of the Seraphim. The Seraphim are the eight Angels that protect and hold up Heaven, one Seraphim in Each direction.

The Angel Serafina, is the angel that deals with families; she helps families to reconcile, helps them to feel the love and connection that each person holds, and opens up eyes to both new and old family members. She shows each persons worth and value and guides the way to bring family together and keep our families strong.

I am twenty two years old and on a journey to learn more about myself and the world, to heal myself and others, and generally help make the world a better place.

My journey started in Winterpeg, Manitoba. I grew up living there and in the surrounding areas. For a time I lived there and practiced Reiki, in 2009 became a Master and in 2010 I ran my own practice. That was the same year that I found out it wasn’t “normal” to talk to Guides or Angels or Fey or other beings that live on our planet but aren’t normally seen, which was something I had always done.

Soon after that I had a dream with a mysterious goddess that told me that I need to move to Vancouver in the next year or two. I woke up thinking “Yeah right.” Later I found out that the mysterious goddess that had appeared in my dream was Kuan Yin, or Tara, depending on the area of Asia you are in.

Through a series of synchronistic events, in March 2011 I packed up with two weeks notice, closed my business and said goodbye to all I had ever known, and traveled to Vancouver, B.C. with a woman my age who would soon become one of my dearest friends. She introduced me to Angel Cards, which I naturally and intuitively was able to easily tap into and read. Rarely, if ever do I use the guidebooks for many decks.

The things I do the most are reading, studying, meditation, dancing and painting. Oh and cooking! I eat mostly vegan, and one of my room mates and dearest friends is a raw chef whom I learn a lot from about food. I also love tea and big trees (have you been to Cortes Island? Have you seen the TREES!?).

I am definitely a fan of taking pictures, but not having pictures taken of me.

Now I have come to settle in Victoria, B.C. with very little planned, letting the Universe guide my way. 🙂