Gemstone Elixirs

Click here for more about gemstone elixirs and the catalog.

What is a gemstone elixir?

A gemstone elixir is water that holds the vibrational properties of a particular gemstone or a variety of gemstones. Each gemstone has certain properties, and when combined with other gemstones enhance their abilities and work together to help heal or bring balance to the body, plants, animals or environment.

How does it work? 

It is a relatively easy process to infuse water with the properties of gemstones. A glass jar is filled with distilled or mineral water. Then the appropriate gemstones for what you would like are added (be careful NOT to add gems that carry toxic substances or that will be harmed by water). Put the glass jar with the gemstones in it outside in the garden for 24 hours. Doing this allows the water and gemstones to be infused together with the energies of the sun and moon. Once complete the elixir can be brought inside. The stones can be removed, and the elixir can be combined with alcohol (brandy or vodka) or vinegar. This will “freeze” the vibrations into the water. Voila! You have an elixir!

I tend to put a glass cup holding my stones inside the glass jar so I can easily remove the stones without touching the water to keep the water as energetically clean as possible.

How do I use gem elixirs?

Gem elixirs are most often rubbed on the appropriate body part or sprayed in the atmosphere immediately around you. Some can be drunk. All gem elixirs come with information and instructions that are best for your particular elixir.

Where can I buy one? 

Click here for more about gemstone elixirs and the catalog.


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