Gemstone Elixir Catalogue

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Chakras |Astrological Signs |I Am


Root Chakra ElixirRhodonite, Daphnite, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Limonite, Carnelian

The root chakra is the energy center located near the base of the spine. It is the basic survival center. When in balance we feel provided for and cared for. When out of balance we fear the world around us.

Suggested Use: Rub on the body in the root chakra area. Can also be used on the tops of the feet and hands.

Sacral Chakra ElixirMagnetite, Wagnerite, Sandstone, Sardonyx, Rose Quartz, Woodwardite

The sacral chakra is located approximately two inches below the belly button. It is the energy center of sexuality and pleasure. When in balance we are able to indulge in pleasure in healthy and respectful ways without guilt or shame.

Suggested Use: Rub on the body on the lower abdomen.

Solar Plexus Chakra Elixir Zincite, Gmelenite, Monticellite, Wad, Chrysotile, Strontianite

The solar plexus chakra is located at the solar plexus. It is the energy center of personal power, energy, self-esteem and autonomy. When in balance we have high self-esteem, are confident and feel powerful. Shame disrupts the flow of energy around this chakra.

Suggested Use: Rub on the body in the solar plexus area. Optional: Draw a line to the heart and rub some of the elixir in the are. The elixir can also be rubbed on the inside of each wrist and the ankles.

Heart Chakra ElixirLudlamite, Chudobaite, Malachite, Jasper, Levynite, Amythest

The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest. As an energetic center in charge of love, intimacy and relationships it directly affects self-acceptance and acceptance of others. In balance we feel open and balanced. Grief disrupts the energetic flow around the heart.

Suggested Use: Rub on the chest area, palms of the hands or soles of the feet. any area that needs love can benefit from this elixir.

Throat Chakra ElixirLinarite, Gradidierite, Celestite, Libethenite, Bloodstone

The throat chakra is the energetic center located in the throat. It deals with communication and creativity. When in balance we have excellent communication skills and creativity flows. Lies to oneself or others will interrupt this chakras flow.

Suggested Use: Rub on the body around the throat and neck.

Third Eye Chakra ElixirPalladium, Cholorite, Amythest, Linarite, mica, Sugilite, Boleite

The third eye chakra is located on the forehead between the eyes. It is the energetic center of dreaming, vision and intuition. When in balance we are able to easily follow and decipher our intuition, have a good memory and can visualize. This energetic center is disrupted by illusion.

Suggested Use: Rub on the body on the third eye or eyes. This elixir can also be rubbed on the back the head, near the base of the skull.

Crown Chakra ElixirSeraphinite, Linnaeite, Paracelsian, Gold, Clear Quartz, Male and Female Boji Stones

The crown chakra energetic center is located n the top of the head, at the crown. It is the center in charge of belief systems, transcendence, and the connection to the Universe. The energy here is interrupted by attachment. When in balance we are open-minded and have the ability to access all of our wisdom and intelligence.

Suggested Use: Rub on the crown on the top of the head or sprinkle in the area of the crown chakra.



Pisces – Cerussite, Azurite, Gmelinite, Actinolite, Pearl

“I choose to see truth in all matters.”

Suggested Use: This elixir likes to be rubbed on the heart, throat and the tops of the feet.

Cancer – Citrine, Adamite, Actinolite, Pearl, Red Garnet

“I bring forth life force energy into all that I do.”

Suggested Use: Rub elixir on the feet or where else desired.

Scorpio – Actinolite, Pearl, Harmotone, Maganite, Samarskite

“I solidly create my dynasty by releasing.”

Suggested Use: Rub on the tops of the feet and/or the solar plexus area.


Virgo – Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Gmelinite, Pearl

“I see love and acceptance in the entirety of the Universe.”

Suggested Use: Rub on the legs or part of the legs, especially on the knees and ankles.

Taurus – Adamite, Red Garnet, Harmotone, Erythrite

“I am constantly walking in my Highest Truth.”

Suggested Use: Rub on the feet and hands.

Capricorn – Gyrolite, Harmotone, Sandstone, Butlerite, Red Jasper

“I support all who surround me by creating Sacred Spaces.”

Suggested Use: Sprinkle on the ground, rub on the forearms.


Libra – Adamite, Hazelwoodite, Malachite, Erythrite, Maganite

“I bring forth the Truth and Balance of Life.”

Suggested Use: Wet hands and run through hair.

Gemini – Pearl, Harmotone, Malachite, Phophorite, Picasso Stone

“I creatively mirror all aspects of the Universe.”

Suggested Use: Rub along arms and/or the solar plexus area.

Aquarius – Cerussite, Copper, Malachite, Erythrite, Bustanite

“I hold the keys to the Truths of the Universe.”

Suggested Use: Rub elixir around the mouth and on the jaw and throat.


Sagittarius – Sapphire, Tigers Eye, Pearl, Gyrolite

“I expand into the joy and grace of life.”

Suggested Use: Rub on the heart chakra and/or ears.

Aries – Monticellite, Adamite, Gibbsite, Hazelwoodite

“My quest allows me to be a strong pioneer.”

Suggested Use: This elixir is best rubbed on any part of the arms and calves.

Leo – Hemimorphite, Red Garnet, Gold, Maganite, Red Jasper

“I confidently rule the Sacred.”

Suggested Use: Rub on elixir on base of the skull, and the back of the neck.

I AM… 

I Am Grounded Cerussite, Black Opal, Franklinite, Citrine, Enargite

This elixir focuses on bringing the user back to the Earth. It allows be calm, collected and peaceful and to have confidence in one’s decision-making process.

Suggested Use: Rub elixir on feet and ankles, or the root chakra (base of spine) area.

I Am ProtectedJasper, Helidor, Schalenblende, Artinite, Bloedite

This elixir calls forth the Angels and other Divine beings to surround the uses. It also empowers one to protect oneself by increasing the ability to listen and act on intuition and having the inner knowing of what to do.

Suggested Use: Sprinkle around you where the fear comes from. Put a few drops on the top of your head to create a “shield” around you.


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