This page is devoted to sharing the online places that I’ve found helpful on my own journey. Enjoy your exploration!

FREE EBOOK: 4 Steps to Becoming a Superhero written by yours truly.

Wingmakers > Not really sure yet how to describe this site. I’m still working through the material.


The Mineral & Gemstone Kingdom – Amazing resource of information; I use it for their Glossary page personally for gemstone terms in my research.

Identity Information

Indigo Children > This is the page that introduced me to Indigo children that really affected me.

Indigo & Crystal Info > Information on the Indigo & Crystal Children/Adults and the ascension process from Indigo onwards.

Planetary Origin > Looking for what it means for a person to be from Sirius? Or Pleiades? Maybe you’re from there? Information on all that stuff!

Teachers/ Guides/ Lightworkers

Willows Lavender > This is my business website. Card Readings, Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Gemstone Elixirs.

Real Life Spirituality > Good site with a lot of interesting and useful information.

Mommy Mystic > One of my favorite bloggers.

Self- Realization Fellowship > Yogananda’s center that he developed to spread Kriya Yoga, a branch of Raja Yoga to the West. I do subscribe to home lessons.

Maria Celeste Garcia > One of the people I have been following for a while; This is her current website. I hold her in high regards.

Almine > I have recently begun studying Almines work, and it is amazing. I am looking forward to studying further and deeper her material.

Channelings > Very helpful channelings that I still read from the entity Jeshua.

Spirit Library > A collection of channelers, some high profile like Doreen Virtue or Neale Donald Walshe or Metatron and Archangel Micheal and Kryon. There is an option to subscribe to the channelings, which I receive every morning!

The Hathors > This is a new channeling series I have just come across, channeled through Tom Kenyon.


Spirit Science > This is an amazing Youtube video that covers a huge amount of topics within spirituality from dimensions, to sacred geometry, to astral projection and dreams, to religions, etc. in a very simple and easy manner and words. Highly recommend it.

The Invitation > A poem I love.

Good Friends

Wild Wisdom Integral – Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, someone I highly recommend.

More to come!