I offer Card Readings, Reiki and Crystal Therapy Sessions and Reiki Classes.

My business, Willows Lavender, is located online here. More information and testimonials can be found on the the services there; here is a quick summary.

Card Readings are done with an assortment of decks such as Faerie, Goddess, Angel and Crystal Cards. Tarot cards are not used. Decks and spreads are chosen intuitively in order to provide a highly personal reading, based on loving and healing energies, attuned to the highest good of all involved. General readings or specific readings can be done. Suggested Donation: $50/hr

Reiki is a gentle healing modality that works on the energetic level of the body. It has been known to help clients with stress-relief, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more. It is safe for anyone and can be used in conjunction with other treatments. Suggested Donation: $60/hr

When crystals are used in a session I call it Crystal Therapy. The crystals are chosen based on the individual needs of the client the morning of the session. They are then cleansed. After a client lies down, the crystals are placed on and around the client and gridded. It takes about twenty minutes for the crystals effects to be felt by most people. Reiki is given at the same time the crystals are working their magic. Suggested Donation: $60/hr

Distance Services and Reiki Classes are available.

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