Superhero Inspiration

I personally believe that all of us are superheroes.

I believe that all the amazing things that we see are a birthright of ours.

That birthright becomes hidden as we are programmed and go through our lives.

Then, when we realize that who we think are is not who we are, we question who we really are.

Thus begins a process of releasing all that hid our birthright.

This page serves to provide some inspiration to remind you of what your birthright is, and how you might find it.

May this page further inspire you to discover who you really are.

I am not saying that one should pursue having superpowers, however, in my personal studies I’ve noticed that an outward sign of someone with expanded consciousness that is likened to enlightenment. It is in the process of expanding our consciousness that these things become revealed. It is in this process we also realize right use, if we use them at all, or give them up like Yogi Bhajan does.

These powers are not meant to be used in an egotistical way, but if used, as a way to serve.

Note: The way that our world is has changed. It is a new time. The secret teachings have come forth, and are now being gifted rather freely to all who are interested. Time is moving faster. More and more people are attaining higher states of consciousness that are becoming the norm. It does not take a lifetime to uncover your birthright any more.


By Day He Wears a Suit By Afternoon He’s in Rags by Choice

Yogis of Tibet Documentary

Tibetan Oracles

Healer Demonstrates Extraordinary Abilities


Stan Lee’s Superhuman’s Series, Episode 1

Chi Master Puts Animals to Sleep


This Human Joy – by Ajimal


Russian Monks Body Doesn’t Decompose

Current Living Beings:

Almine: Mystic

Amma: The Hugging Saint

In the Recent Past: 

Yogi Bhajan: Bringer of Kundalini Yoga to the West.

Li Ching-Yuen: 256 Year Old Chinese Herbalist <two links, his name and this one>

If you have any links that you believe would serve to be on this list, please contact me with the information. I love to learn more about it and be inspired!


Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yoganada


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